Officers for 2019

President: Doris Schappell
1st Vice President/Membership: Diane Hollenbach
2nd Vice President/Programs: Chris Squire & Lisa McKenrick
Treasurer: Ginny Cusatis
Recording Secretary: Candace Edwards
Corresponding Secretary: Ann Burrows
Past President: Arlan Christ                                                                                  Programs 2020:  Pat Christ

Committees for 2019

Block of the Month: cathy Tongue & Charlene Boniscavage
Community Service: Cathy Phillips & Tracey Diehl
Fat Quarter: Gerry Glutz
Folk Festival Quilts: (2019) Pat Christ & Diane Hollenbach
Scrapbook/Historian: vacant
Librarian: Betsy Pienta
Military Collections: Karen Cleveland & Judy Corl
Mystery Challenge: Lisa McKenrick
Newsletter: Ann Burrows & Fay Butz
Parliamentarian: Arlan Christ
Sour Dough: Chris Squire
Take Down: Jean Ziegler
50/50 Drawing: Linda Dupler
Refreshments: Pat Shade